3 Months!

Well, it’s been three months since I blogged, and this time, I just don’t even have an excuse. I guess I could say that I’ve been busy with Little Man or just with having two grandbabies in general, but really, I don’t have any excuse at all.

So what has been going on? Well, one of Little Man’s favorite Christmas gifts has been his Elmo doll. I’m not sure if it’s the music, the fact that Elmo is cuddly, or that Little Man wants to eat Elmo’s eyes and nose, but he just hugs and holds Elmo any time we hand it to him.

Another favorite is his exer-saucer. He has learned how to hit the buttons to make the music, how to jump up and down in it (to the endless delight of his mommy!), and that he can chew on the bird or fish (not sure what that thing is, really) hanging from one of the uprights. He spends A Lot of time in his exer-saucer!

Little Man had quite a bit of trouble with constipation. We were beginning to worry about it causing a bigger issue, so his doctor finally recommended something for him that got him moving, so to speak. After about a week, his big, round, buddha belly had really flattened out. I know he felt so much better! A bonus to that happening was that he was finally able to get his feet. This was something that he had been trying to do for weeks!

He continues to have a Physical Therapist, as well as a special instructor who comes to work with him, and he now has Occupational and Speech Therapists who come work with him. He is still making strides. They might be small ones, but for him they are great! He now holds himself up much better and loves to look at himself in the mirror!


I still take him to the library for baby lapsit reading day, and he loves looking at books!


Little Man and The Princess have been getting to know each other and have been becoming friends.






They even like to video chat!

She is just as beautiful as she can be, and has the most loving guardian ever!




Really, what more could any grandmother ask for?


Two Babies!

I have been away from the blog for a while for a couple of reasons.

1) My daughter had her baby!

Meet The Princess:


She is just about the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen, and she has a beautiful Mommy! My daughter had a pretty difficult time having her. 48 hours of labor. 40 of those hours were without any painkillers at all! (She really wanted to have a natural delivery and was planning on a water birth). After 40 hours, she was still only dilated to 7. She was in terrible pain (I mean, it is labor after all) and she was completely exhausted, falling asleep standing up. She finally asked for an epidural. 8 hours later, The Princess was born! My daughter has to be the strongest woman I know. How many of us would have waited that long before asking for the drugs?!?

2) Little Man has been sick. 😦

He spent one day in day care instead of with me so that I could stay with my daughter during her labor/delivery and for a week or two afterwards. After that one day in day care, he got sick. He came down with RSV then got steadily sicker and eventually dehydrated. He ended up being admitted to the hospital where he stayed for three days! I felt absolutely horrible because I could not go visit him while he was sick, or I could possibly bring his illness back to the days-old Princess!
After spending a week with my daughter and her new daughter, I left them and went back to my Little Man. Then I felt guilty for leaving her. I couldn’t go back and visit them because I had by that time been exposed to Little Man. Such guilt!!

Finally Little Man is well. The Princess is growing. Everyone is finally good, and life is back on track. And the babies were finally able to meet!

So what’s been going on? Little Man got lots of toys for Christmas. I think the best thing he got was a Bumbo seat. After just a couple of weeks of using it, he is holding his head up so well!


The Princess’s daddy, who had been deployed for the entirety of the pregnancy, returned from his deployment today! Now Mommy, Daddy, The Princess, and Tank the WonderBoxer are one big happy family!




And I have two Grandbabies!!



Hands and Feet!

Little Man has never been one to take a pacifier. He has, however, sucked on his hands, thumbs, or fingers when they would happen to venture close to his mouth. He didn’t really have much control over where his hands went; they just kind of waved around and did their own things and occasionally happened to get somewhere close to his mouth, at which time he would suck or chew on them until the hands decided to move along. Then yesterday he discovered that he can actually make his hand go to his mouth and stay there! Now we have this:

How gorgeous is that?!?

He also has just discovered his feet within the last couple of days. His Buddha belly and his short arms keep him from being able to grab them right now, but he keeps trying to. Eventually he will latch into those toes and not let go! For now, though, he just throws his feet up in the air and admires them!



Happy Thanksgiving

Little Man is getting so big! He had his four month doctor’s appointment last week, and he now weighs 13.5 pounds!


He also had a hearing test earlier this week, and he failed it again. 😞. We really thought he was able to hear us because he has been reacting to us when we talk to him, make noises at him and play with him. I guess he has just gotten really good at responding to our facial expressions and the vibrations when we talk. In a couple more months, they will probably put tubes in his ears and see if that helps to clear up the fluid.

Little Man is eating much more now than he had been before. He now takes 6 ounces of formula in his bottles instead of 4, and every other bottle has cereal in it. I also tried spoon feeding him cereal the other day. That was a really funny experience!




Today was Thanksgiving, and Little Man went with his Mommy & Daddy to his great-grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. His mommy told me that she fed him pumpkin pie and he loved it! She didn’t get any pictures or videos of him eating the pumpkin. 😔

He must have been full and worn out, though, because I returned at 7:00 PM, and I found him in his bed sound asleep! Sweet little toots!




A Routine Life

I have so much fun keeping my little man every day.  He and I do so much together.  He loves his schedule and his routine! We always start each day by getting dressed, then we make faces at each other.


After that, we always have to do a photo shoot to text pictures to his mommy!


Then we do something fun.  Some days we go somewhere like the library


And other days his baby therapist comes over to work with him


Sometimes we just do tummy time or do something silly.



Usually after that, though, Little Man is pretty tired (especially on therapy days!) and wants to take a pretty good little nap.  I usually use this time to make something for him.    I’ve made him some knitted toys.

a mouse:


An octopus:


An elephant:


Ive knitted him some socks:


And some hats:


And I’ve sewn for him as well.  I made a sling to carry him in:


(Yep, that’s me in the picture with him!

I’ve also made him some clothes:


After all of that, it’s usually time for his mommy & daddy to get home.  With them he gets more playtime and a bath.


Around 7:30PM, he usually takes his last bottle of the day then he puts himself to sleep around 8 


He almost always gets a good 10 – 12 hours of sleep and wakes up like this around 7:30 the next morning:


This picture makes me smile!  This face makes me smile!  This little boy makes me smile, every day!


Baby Therapy

Little Man has two therapists who come see him at home.  One of them is a physical therapist who works on his legs, arms, and neck.  The other one is called a special instructor.  She works with him on just about everything: legs, arms, neck, mouth, anything he needs help with.  Really all they do is sit on the floor and play with him, which is cool.


After his therapists’ visits, he is usually very tired and goes down for a nap almost immediately!  They just wear him out!


Rockin’ and Rollin’!

We were told early on that Little Man would have developmental delays because of his Down Syndrome.  His poor muscle tone would probably cause him to lag behind other babies his age.  We were told that he needed to spend time on his tummy every day to help strengthen his muscles.  So he started doing tummy time as soon as he came home from the hospital.


Every day he spends at least 30 minutes on his tummy.  As a mother of four, I know that it is important for all babies to spend time on the floor.  That is how they learn to do things on their own.  At 2 months old, Little Man started picking his head up to look around.


When he was 2 1/2 months, I had him down for tummy time while I was folding some clothes.  I turned away to pick up something, and when I turned back, he had turned himself over!


What a great feat!  This little guy, who is supposed to develop more slowly than other babies his age turned over from his tummy before his two cousins who are his age (one of them was born the same day Little Man was; the other was born a week later.)